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Seam Glass Blowing Lathes

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SEAM Glass Blowing Lathes 85MM Bench-Top Models 

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                      • 85-mm Bore Size Seam Bench top Lathe 
                      • Swing is 10" on each side 
                      • Chuck to Chuck Length is 29” 
                      • Weight is 800 lbs.


Seam Glass Blowing Lathes

We are a manufacturer and nationwide distributor of scientific grade glassblowing laboratory equipment, including chucks and lathes. Our lathes are affordable and assembled here in the US. At Seam Glass Blowing Lathes, we have provided thousands of quality glassblowing lathes and supplies for more than 10 years.  

We manufacture our SEAM lathes in India. We assemble and ship our lathes nationwide from our facility in Fullerton California. When you choose us we form a partnership to enhance your quality and productivity. We designed and started our manufacturing in the year 2005; and gained a strong reputation which we are very proud of.

Our high-quality SEAM lathes machines, which are designed in such a way that you can align, dismantle and assemble with the tools provided with the SEAM lathes.

With our professional tech support offered to our customers [only a phone call away] for any kind of assembly or issues exceed customers’ requirements, the precision Seam model 3025 bench top lathe is built to be a compact self-contained unit without limiting function or capabilities

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Our scientific glassblowing machines are used to hold, heat, and work on glass tubings to make scientific glass apparatus, glass rods, art glass, and more.

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  • Chucks
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